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My top choice for online slots is 32Red. 32Red is able to offer plenty of different slots thanks to the superior Microgaming software. You will also take part in serious jackpots to win hundreds of thousand or even million dollars!

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My name is Simon and I’m a pationate casino player. That’s the reason I initiated such a website that only covers the most intersting games in my opinion: Slot machines. But this is not an easy topic to cover. There are estimated 5832 online casinos around the world and everybody is offering slot machines. A lot of casinos suck, there’s no doubt about that. Lots of casinos just exist because it’s a growing market. They don’t take their players seriously and don’t offer a great gambling experience. And there are slot machines where the casino has such a big advantage that you can also throw your money out of the window – this is also fun. Serious online casinos don’t have a big advantage and if there’s a nice jackpot, it’s even possible that they have a disadvantage and players will win in the long run. Jackpots are important and signup bonuses are even more important. The chances that you will hit the jackpot are pretty low. But every players gets a signup bonus to play. And that’s the reason that a signup bonus concerns all of us. Especially when you consider the fact that you may have an advantage based on your deposit bonus alone!

So, what can you expect from I know there are a lot of great sites out there that cover this topic well. But I think running your own site is always fun and giving some value to other slot players. I try to review the best online casinos for slots, show how to make a deposit to play at slotmachines, review jackpot slots, review certain slotmachines based on the software (like Microgaming slots, Playtech slots or Boss Media slots) and much more.

Online Casinos

As already mentioned there are like 5835 casinos out there but most of them simply suck. There are maybe 100 casinos that offer a really good gambling experience and plenty of slot machines to choose. I’d say there are around 10 top notch online casinos for slot players that are: a) very secure and safe b) have a broad range of slots c) have a great costumer support d) offer the right deposit methods. I’ll try to cover all of this in the online casinos section.

What online casinos to recommend

At the beginning I mentioned 32Red as one of my favourite online casinos. I love the design, support, promotions and of course the Microgaming casino software. Ths software is top notch and their slotmachines are simply great. There are also other great Microgaming casinos like PlatinumPlay. It also offers 1500 for free. You can play for 24 hours with that 1500 and keep your winnings.

Other great online casinos for slot players are Casino Tropez, All Slots, CherryRed and Slots Oasis just to name few of them.

Casino deposit for slots

Ok, this one is obvious: if you want to play on slots for real, you have to make a deposit. There’s no way around it. Sure, there are plenty of free spin offers and free credits to play for 1 hour or stuff like that, but if you want to enjoy a great deposit bonus and want to play for real, you have to make a deposit. Period. So that’s why I created a whole category that covers the casino deposit stuff very well. I also show what casinos offer a deposit with more exotic methods like Paypal (yes, it is exotic in the casino industry nowadays).

More about slots

I’m a slot enthusiast and that’s why I also write about the history of slotmachines. This is pretty interesting because you were not able to play the way we play today (wow, what a sentence :) ). So it’s nice to read about the history of our favourite casino games.

There are also a couple of ways to play slots for free. You don’t have to make a deposit to play in this case. It’s either playmoney or some sort of free spins or free credits. Both are options to play without making a deposit. Although it’s not as funny as playing for real money.

Finally, there are many different themes you can use when playing slots. If, like me, you’re really into comic books and superheroes, marvel games are very popular and should keep your interest for hours! Whatever you are interested in, there are slots that use that theme.

Slot Download

A slot download is very important. Most of the great online casinos offer a software to download and install. This may be annoying to some players and that’s why I created a section “Slot without download” where you can find out how to play slot games in your browser without making any download.

Slot Jackpots

I already mentioned this one before: casinos offer huge jackpots to make things interesting. Especially slots have great jackpots unlike Blackjack or Roulette. There’s no such thing. So we can enjoy huge prize pools while playing on slot machines and this makes the whole game more interesting. You should not go for every jackpot there is but if you want to choose an online casino, you should also take a look at the different jackpots that are available.

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Slot Machine Download

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